Wolfman Records is independent, online and all about the music.

We sell vinyl records, quality hi-fi equipment, lithograph gig posters/art and memorabilia. We’re passionate about music in its many forms and styles. The Geelong music-loving community is our tribe. Helping you listen to the music you love, the way you love – that’s our mission.

While major record labels are just catching up to the idea that people want vinyl, we understand the true satisfaction of having a physical record to have, to hold, to keep.

We get the closer connection you feel with the artist and the yearning you have to own a record collection.

For us, nothing beats the warm fidelity of vinyl – sound that’s deeper, bigger, more.

For you, CDs might be nirvana. Whatever your preferred format, Wolfman Records helps you break through the clutter of music available online and off. In our carefully curated listings, discover what’s real and what’s worth your time. In us (Sebastian and Emily Gerardi), dig deep into music industry culture and know how. Chat to us about what you’re after and we’ll do our best to make it yours.

Whether you’re embracing the physical record format for the first time or reminiscing when vinyl ruled your world, take a rifle through our online listings. At Wolfman Records, we go beyond the industry standard retail catalogue system to source the hard-to- find albums, brand new releases, reissues, rarer pressings plus indie and exclusive versions.

How do we do it? By keeping it real – real relationships with labels, artists and smaller distributors alongside access to the world’s largest supplier of vinyl records.

Real insights and real sound: it’s yours (really yours) at Wolfman Records.