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Genre: Alternative

(Released on: )

Queens Of The Stone Age seventh LP 'Villans' continues the bands lasting legacy of giving the bird to the status quo. Josh Hommes' recruitment of 'Uptown Funk' producer Mark Ronson aided the continual evolution of the bands sound established on the previous record '...Like Clockwork'. The record has many contributing elements that can be disingished as spychobiliy rock. The albums more upbeat, groove and synth heavy structures compared to the post-apocalyptic melodrama of '... Like Clockwork' leaves you hooked. The sequence of tracks keeps you stranded as its' non-linear structure as described by Homme was chosen to be"more like a bus stop–you get on and you get off at a different location, and you’re kind of along for the ride" a great description on the experience felt when listening to the record. Overall the record has left the impression that Homme et al are still on the road of discovery and their willingness to strut and boogie as they get there makes all the difference in setting themselves apart form the their over-masculine counterparts. 

Wolfman Records Rating: 4.5/5

Holy Holy, Paint


Genre: Alternative

(Released on: 24th of February 2017)

Holy Holy's second album 'Paint' is a tour de force of a follow-up to the duo's debut record 'When the Storms Would Come'. I have had this record on repeat since it dropped back in February. The combination of the meaningful lyrics, smooth guitar and alternative pop-rock elements have ensured that the record has developed from its last without alianating their established fans. Each song has its own elements that keep you engaged, with such songs as 'That Message', 'Elevator', 'True Lovers' (my personal favorite) and 'December' which transend genres of R&B, 80's soft-rock and progressive rock. Overall the lyrical content is a true testament to Carroll and Dawson and composition of each song has established that Holy Holy undestand where they are heading as a band. I am defantley hooked on this record and I hope they do well in this years ARIA awards with such quality work. 

Wolfman Records Rating: 4.5/5  

Dan Auerbach,  Waiting on a song

DAN AUERBACH, Waiting on a song

Genre: Alternative rock

(Released on: 2nd of June 2017 )

Waiting on a Song is the long awaited second solo album by Dan Auerbach of The BLack Keys. The album has an ambiance about it, as the record swings from genre to gengre. The record exhibits Auerbach's various influences as an artist and musician from country, soul, folk, and rockabilly with his own alternative flair. The highlight tracks included 'Waiting on a Song', "Malibu Man', 'King of a One Horse Town' and 'Undertow'. The multi-genre creativity of the record allows for interesting listening and helps you understand Auerbach further, however the record has this pieced together collage assembely feel to it. Another distictive feature that the record dosen't have the retro-soul blues leanings like his previous work, which I guess makes it feel weird. Overall its a very smooth melodic listen with clean production that will please your listening experience.  

Wolfman Records Rating: 3/5

Dope lemon, Holy Bones

DOPE LEMON, Honey Bones

Genre: Alternative/Indi

(Released on: 10th of April 2016) 

Honey Bones by Dope Lemon, is a side project of Angus Stone after releasing music under the pseudonym 'Lady of Sunshine'. The music is relaxed and beautifully composed with the destinct flair of Angus Stones vocals. The highlight tracks on the record are 'Marinade', 'Uptown Folks' and 'Coyote' due to their rock based rythem and infectous lyrics. The overall assessment of the record is a great release of what Triple J has dubbed 'Costal Rock', but there are disinct influences of Neil Young in nearly all of Angus Stones records and Honey Bones is no exception. I enjoyed this record immensely and predict that it will be accompanied with a relaxing session in the sun with friends.  

Wolfman Records Rating: 3/5

The black angels, Death song


Genre: Psychedellic rock

(Released on: 21st of April 2017) 

Death Song by The Black Angels has been one of my favorite record releases this year. Death Song's has truly encapsulated the genre of psychedellic rock with the albums use of distortion, base and hard driving drumming to create their sense of dark urgancy. The vocals of Alax Maas evokes further depth and takes you on the records journey that revolves arround the themes of decete, relationships, death and lust. The tracks that stand out for me include: 'I'd Kill For Her', 'Comanche Moon', 'Half Believing' and 'Estimate'. Each of these tracks are indepth, creative and leave a tasty urning for more. Overall this record is a must have.

Wolfman Records Rating: 4.5/5 

#1 dads, About face

#1 DAD'S, About Face 

Genre: Alternative/Indi

(Released on: 8th of August 2014)

#1 Dads second record, About Face is a nice relaxing listen. The record is soulfull with hints of pop and folk, which is easy to listen to when chilling out. #1 Dads have generated their own style and diverse compilation of tracks to make this record stand out from other related alternative Australian artists. The track that I keep returning to is, 'So Soldier' featuring Ainslie Wills on vocals, it reminds me of Fleetwood Mac and I dig the distinct guitar riff combined with the harmonised chorus which hooks you in. Overall the record is chilled but it could use more upbeat songs to truly diversify their sound and attract more listeners to their talent. 

Wolfman Records Rating: 3/5

13 reasons why Soundtrack


Genre: Various artists (Soundtrack)

(Released on:30th of March 2017)

This Soundtrack for the Netflix series '13 Reasons Why', is a great collection of past and current tallented musicians works. Collectively, the music with the film, adds to the texts overall messages of bringing suicide, mental health and self-esteem into the social spotlight as they are detremental discussions that need to be had in insuring the development of healthy young adults. Such stand out tracks that appealed to me were: 'Kill Em With Kindness', Selena Gomez; 'Love will Tear Us Apart', Joy Division; 'The Night We Met', Lord Huron and 'A 1000 Times', by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam. I was really impressed with Selena Gomez moving away from pop and into a stripped back acoustick track 'Kill Em With Kindness', the track envoked more respect for her as an artist (as I don't tend to consume mainstream music) as her amazing voice was the focus. Overall it's a relaxing yet emotive record that engages it's audience. If you have not seen '13 Reasons Why' give it a watch, as it brings up sensitive issues that we as a society should focus on in adressing mental health in our communities. 

Wolfman Records Rating: 3.5/5  

Bec Sandridge, In the fog (EP)


Genre: Alternative/Indi

(Released on: 25th of November 2016)

In The Fog by Bec Sandridge is her second E.P. release (Wild Heart, 2013). This E.P. attracted due to her emotive vocal range and lyrics. The absolute gem of track 'You're a F*****g Joke' drew me in with her individual voice and 80's esque sounds, which is so catchy you will have it on repeat. Other highlights includes 'High Tide' and 'I Drove All Night' which again sounds like songs from a Fleetwood Mac record. Overall it's a great little number and shows further development of an up and coming great Australian artist.

Check out the single 'You're a F*****g joke':

Wolfman Records Rating: 3.5/5

The Lemon Twigs, Do Hollywood


Genre:Power pop/Psychedelic pop

(Released on: 14th of October 2016)

Do Hollywood by The Lemon Twigs reminds me of late 60's and 70's pop, psychedelic rock made by artists such as David Bowie, T-Rex, The Kinks and Elton John. It's an enjoyable listen and I high recomend it to anyone who are into such artists and genres. The highlights of the record for me are 'I Wanna Prove to You', 'These Words' and 'As Long as we're Together'. The composition, lyrics and general feel to the record is like a trip to the past and it feels great! The only negative I can gather from the record is that it's too similar to such great artists, yes it's aesthetically pleasing, but more individualism and modern take on this genre is needed.

Wolfman Records Rating: 3/5 

Montaigne, Glorious Heights

MONTAIGNE, Glorious heights

Genre: Alternative/Indi

(Released on: 5th of August 2016)

Glorious heights by Australian artist Montaigne (Jess Cerro) won the ARIA award for breakthrough artist in 2016 with her debut record. The album has an 80's sounding baroque pop combined with her extraordinary voice allows for an enjoyable and emotive listen. The songs that stood out were (title track) "Glorious heights", "Till it kills me" and "Constilation prize". Each of these tracks collectively reflect on determination, relationships and perseverence with operatic vocals making the messages even more beautiful. 

Wolfman Records Rating: 4/5 

Rüfüs, Bloom

RÜFÜS, Bloom

Genre: Electronic 

(Released on: 22nd of January 2016)

Rufus Bloom is the second record released by the Sydney trio and is a good follow-up record to 'Atlas' And have carved a niche for the group In the australian electro music scene. The band gained inspiration from the centre of dance electro in Europe, Berlin. The trio has developed outstanding tracks such as "Brighter", "Like an Animal" and You were right" for their layered harmonised vocals, catchy beats and song build up's to allow for a chilled experience that can transend any environment into a relaxed space. The downside of the record that the tracks sound very similar in their construction and their is not too much variation between them, which makes the record easily blend into the background. When compared to other ompetitive Australian electro scene contemporaries, (such as flume) who are making new sounds and exceeding boundaries, 'Bloom' leaves me wanting more From Rufus. 

Wolfman Record Rating: 3/5

Flight facilities, Down to earth


Genre: Electronic

(Released on: 24th of October 2014)

Flight Facilities (Hugo Guzman & James Lyell) debut record Down to earth features a collective collaborations with such artists as Kyrie Minogue, Emma Louise, Reggie Watts, Bishop Nehru and Owl Eyes. What I like most about the record is that it has a great introduction where it playes with the concept of boarding a ride with Flight Facilities airways with some laxed protocols. The album flows well and is a relaxing listen with highlights "Stand still", "Hold me down" which sound like it should be on a 1980's movie soundtrack and "Crave you" with it's catchy whistle, wanting lyrics and beat makes it my favourite on the record. It's a definite record to add to you chilled playlists and just relax.

Wolfman Records Rating: 4/5 

 Hippo Campus South (EP)


Genre: Indi rock 

(Realesed on: 3rd May 2015)

This EP is full of catchy beats, riffs and lyrics to keep you singing throughout your day and make you feel like your at a summer festival enjoying the sweet smell of the air and great vibes. Hippo Campus have a very similar sound to vampire weekend (which we love), with how they compose the sound of their guitars, funky bass lines with fantastic rhythmic drumming. Check out the title track "South" (see link below), it was my personal favourite with the catchy lyrics and imagery.

Wolfman Records Rating: 4/5

 Flume Skin



Genre: Electronic 

(Released on: 27th May 2016)

​Harley Edward Streten, better known as his stage name FLUME released his second studio album (Skin) on the 27th of May 2016 by Future Classic. The album features collaberations with Kai - "Never be like you", Vic Mensa - "Loose it", Beck - "Tiny cities" and Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan) - "You Know", just to name a few colaberations which allows the record to have a robust auditory experience and shows that Flume has grown as an artist from his first self titled album release. The overall feel that the record delivers a more massive festival sound that would captivate any audience with such songs as "Never be like you", "Say it" and "Wall fuck", to name some of my highlights of the record. When compared to the more chilled songs that Flume produced on his first self titled record, Flume still delivers an emotional experience to his electro-pop, future base, hip hop which adds to the themes of darker moments in relationships and intimacy. Flume described his idea of the title "Skin" when depicting the feel of the record with Richard Kingsmill on Triple J Radio (2016) as he wished the record would come across as 'it's got soul, it's got heart and it's living, yet I (Flume) want it to feel strange and a little alien' just like skin. The record has delivered success for Flume in 2016 by receiving ARIA's for Artist of the Year, Best Male Artist, Best Pop Release - "Never be like you", Best Dance Release, Best Independent Release, Producer of the Year and Engineer of the Year. The album toped the ARIA charts at number 1 and ranked at number 8 on US Billboard charts, which demonstrates his popularity in each nations festival line-up. Overall the record demonstrates a great collective range of emotions presented with a deeper mature sound delivered to Flumes audiences' around the world.  

Wolfman Records Rating: 4/5